Fireworks - Certification and examination

FORCE Certification A/S performs examination and certification of firework articles according to prevailing EU standards. We have been appointed as Notified Body by The Danish Safety Technology Authority (Sikkerhedsstyrelsen) based on our DANAK accreditation in fireworks.

Our services within certification and examination of fireworks
We offer the following services to our customers:

  • Certification and examination of fireworks
  • Testing in our own facilities in Greater Copenhagen
  • Responsible and thorough testing and examination, focusing on user safety
  • Quick service– down to six weeks’ processing
  • Competitive prices

Obligations on importers, distributors and manufacturers of fireworks
As an importer, distributor or manufacturer of fireworks and other pyrotechnic articles within the EU, you must ensure that your products are in accordance with the existing regulatory requirements for fireworks before you can market and distribute the articles.

This means that your product must be assessed by a notified body like FORCE Certification A/S and must be certified before further distribution. FORCE Certification A/S is a notified body in the modules B, C and E.

You can start your application process by filling in the below forms and sending them to us.

Application forms for certification of fireworks

  • Module B: If you want us to perform a test of the type of firework (battery, rocket, Roman candle, etc.). Module B is also called type approval.
  • Module C: If you want us to perform a test of the produced fireworks.
  • Module E: If you want us to approve a quality assurance system for final inspection of the produced fireworks. Contact us for application.

Read more about the modules and the certification process here.

Prevailing guidelines for distribution of fireworks in the EU
All types of fireworks and other pyrotechnic articles being produced in, imported to or sold in the EU are comprised by The Technical Safety Council’s directive 2013/29/EU, which is implemented in Denmark by The Danish Safety Technology Authority’s statutory order covering requirements for fireworks and other pyrotechnic articles.

Contact us for further information about our services within fireworks.

Download our brochure: Fireworks - type examination and type conformity 

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